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The Journey of a Lifetime

Hello all!

I am Khadijah Islam and I would like to formally invite you to my blog Khadijah in Kayonza. This blog will be centered around documenting my experience of serving as a Young Adult in Global Mission for the next year of my life. I am so excited to bring you all along for the journey. I encourage you to follow, share, and comment on my journey as you feel called.

I will start this first blog post by sharing what I will be doing during my year of service. First of all, as you may have gathered from the name of the blog, I will be serving in Kayonza district of the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Rwanda is a tiny country south of the equator that many people in the Western World remember because of the genocide violence in 1994. Of course, the country is so much more than its violent past, and this year will be all about learning what Rwanda is today.

In Kayonza, I will be serving in many ways. Some of these ways will be a little bit more structured than others. The first will be through the Kayonza Lutheran Parish where I will serve by helping women with their English while they are at work. I am looking forward to this placement because it will be a great way for these women to improve their language skills without missing out on wages.

My second more structured service will be through the YWCA office in Kayonza. I will serve there 3 days a week doing whatever oddball tasks they ask of me. I keep joking with my mom that this will finally be putting my women’s studies minor to work!

My host family will be the Pastor + family of the Kayonza Lutheran Parish. I am so looking forward and I am humbled that I will be welcomed into a family. I cannot wait to dive into my year.

That’s it for intros. I will continue to post about my experience and all of the different things I learn along the way.

Until then, blessings.


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