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Here We Go Again

We are officially a week away from my deployment date 2.0. My range of emotions has run the gamete and I am equal parts nervous, excited, apprehensive, and terrified. In the spirit of honesty, I have to say that my apprehension comes from the feeling that something else is going to happen that will put my journey on pause again or that will end my experience all together. The trust that I have put in my family and in the unknown that lies ahead of me makes my inner perfectionist squirm.

But here we are. A week away for a second time. I wish that I could say I am at peace with my brother’s passing and I am ready for this next adventure. While there are moments when that is true, most of the time it just feels like this is what I’m supposed to do next. My family has tried to normalize while wrestling with this new normal. My mom has gone back to work and my dad is getting back to the projects he put on pause. I have never questioned whether or not I am being called to Rwanda, but the call hasn’t always felt like a blessing. In fact, there are times when it has felt more like an obligation.

I know that I am blessed with amazing communities of support here in the states and in Rwanda and all around the world. It is truly because of these support systems that I have been able to move forward through the times when I feel so excited that I can’t wait to board the plane and the moments when I wish I could have another month. I have been blessed with the opportunity to video chat with my cohort and my Kinyarwanda tutor and that amplifies my sense of purpose in all of this. While I love reading, there is only so much you can get from a book before you need the real thing in front of you. I am excited to experience the places I am reading about.

If you are reading this and you are the praying type, please pray for some peace, balance, and perspective for me and my family. If you can send love and good vibes my way I would be eternally grateful. If you could chat with your ancestors and ask them to watch out for my spirit that would be amazing. If you have supported me in anyway, please know that it is because of that support that I take this next step. In the words of one of my favorite musicals… Here we go again!


5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Khadijah,
    I pray for you to find peace, have balance, and experience perspective for You and your family. Ever time I think of you I will send positive vibes into the universe. You will do great things. 💕


  2. You are a wonderful strong young lady. My love and prayers go with you everywhere you go. I pray God will bless you, protect you and always be with you on this journey and always.


  3. Khadijah, the unsettled, confusing, back-and-forth feelings are normal but very hard. You will find your way but it will take time. Sending you love and hugs and good wishes. Praying for you.


  4. Khadijah, I can’t imagine the emotions running through you right now. Know that I will pray for peace, balance, and perspective for you and your family.
    Sending love and good vibes …
    Keep the faith & stay strong.


  5. Khadijah, our thoughts, prayers and love are with you and your family! You are a very strong woman and your faith is amazing! We wish you safe travels, confidence, strength and God’s peace with this new adventure you are about to go on! Amy and Dave Denson


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