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Travel In and Out of Rwanda

Throughout my time in Rwanda, I have made short trips to visit friends all over the country. I have also made very long trips, including the one that I just returned from. I had the amazing opportunity to visit my family for the Christmas and New Years holiday. All of these journeys have led to… Continue reading Travel In and Out of Rwanda

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Being an Engaged Citizen Abroad

NOTICE: IF YOU ARE AN ELIGIBLE VOTER IN THE UNITED STATES, YOU NEED TO VOTE IN THE NOVEMBER 6th MIDTERM ELECTIONS! Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to talk a little bit about what it is like being an engaged citizen while living abroad. As many of you know, I… Continue reading Being an Engaged Citizen Abroad

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The Ghost of Colonialism

Recently, we visited the museum for the Campaign Against the Genocide. We did this in preparation for a conversation about colonialism and our place in it at missionaries in Africa. Colonialism is such a struggle in my own narrative because I hold identities of both sides. It is fair to say that I may not… Continue reading The Ghost of Colonialism

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Here We Go Again

We are officially a week away from my deployment date 2.0. My range of emotions has run the gamete and I am equal parts nervous, excited, apprehensive, and terrified. In the spirit of honesty, I have to say that my apprehension comes from the feeling that something else is going to happen that will put… Continue reading Here We Go Again

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The World of 76

As part of our orientation process, we participated in an activity called 'The World of 76'. 76 is an important number, because that is the number of young adults being sent out into the world through this years program. 76 of us, sent into a world that is vast and complex and of which we… Continue reading The World of 76

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Race, Power, Privilege, and Our Place in the World

One thing that is very evident when entering YAGM orientation is that its very white. And by white I mean that there are a lot of folks who hold a lot of racial privilege that are part of this organization. Anyone familiar with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America would probably not be surprised by… Continue reading Race, Power, Privilege, and Our Place in the World